Who We Are

Though there are many awesome organizations and activities for our community in this part of the country, there was no LGBTQ friendly car club. So in 2017 Twister Alley was formed. We are a recognized region of the Lambda Car Club International. For more than twenty years Lambda has provided a supportive nationwide organization for people who love in many ways and who all share a love of cars.

All Cars Welcome

Instead of being a manufacturer- or model-specific club, we welcome all cars, and the people who enjoy them. Whether you love driving, owning, restoring or simply appreciating cars and the car culture, you are welcome here.


Meetings & Events

We have a meeting on the second Sunday of each month at 3:00 p.m. at various locations, usually in the Tulsa area. Click the calendar icon to see the dates and locations for upcoming meetings and events. First-time visitors are always welcome.

More Info